About Us

MultiplyMii is an offshore staffing solution that aims to increase your productivity and, at the same time, reduce your staffing costs by up to 80%.

We work with you to analyze your day-to-day operations and identify which elements of your business can effectively be outsourced. Our exclusive talent pool consists of the top 1% of professionals in the Philippines, but that’s not enough to guarantee success.

MultiplyMii is an end-to-end offshoring service. We recognize that outsourcing is attached to many stigmas surrounding its reliability and effectiveness, so we closely guide you through every step of the process - from the discovery call, to onboarding, to payroll.

We are passionate about changing the way businesses scale to make it affordable and achievable, while simultaneously supporting and strengthening the Filipino online workforce. We empower our Multipliers by promoting long-term, stable employment opportunities with a comprehensive benefits package, enabling them to lead a balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle.

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MultiplyMii Origin

The name MultiplyMii is inspired by the concept of a ‘multiplier’, someone who amplifies and empowers those around them. A multiplier is the core opposite of a ‘diminisher’, yet both of these extremes exist within all of us.

MultiplyMii aren’t searching merely for a sale, or a quick-fix. Our primary motive is to increase the multiplier tendencies of the people we work with, and prevent the accidental diminisher from surfacing. This is true for both our clients and our talent.





  1. A Leader that systematically inspires employees to stretch themselves to deliver results that surpass expectations.
  2. A Leader that is intrinsically focused on the development of their talent, potentially enduring short term inefficiencies in pursuit of long term improvement.





  1. A person that helps you deliver more, working as an extension of yourself to achieve the same goals.
  2. Someone that multiplies your output.
    1. a person that provides the ability for you to achieve more with the limited time in your day
    2. ECONOMICS - the factor by which the return deriving from an expenditure exceeds the expenditure itself.