After investing thousands of dollars, Seller Snap hit a roadblock

After investing thousands of dollars in hiring SEO agencies to grow their Amazon Repricer program, Seller Snap hit a roadblock. While their efforts brought about encouraging results, some of their primary goals remained elusive. Seller Snap wanted to increase high-quality traffic from organic sources, such as the forums and websites their target audience frequented.


To deploy an effective SEO strategy, Seller Snap needed a team of experts

Lacking both technical knowledge and strategic insight into the complex inner workings of SEO, the initial conclusion was that hiring an expensive and well known SEO firm would be the optimal solution to their SEO woes. The idea of hiring an internal team of SEO professionals was not initially on the table.


MultiplyMii identified and hired three key people needed to build heavy hitting in-house SEO Team

Enter MultiplyMii – using an innovative consultancy-based hiring process, our expert team of technical recruiters zeroed in on three key roles that Seller Snap needed to fill in order to build a robust and capable in-house SEO team.

Following a short two week assessment and recruitment period, MultiplyMii was able to help Seller Snap build their powerhouse SEO team.

The Seller Snap SEO Team


MultiplyMii significantly reduced Seller Snap’s SEO costs while massively boosting in-house SEO muscle

By going the in-house route, MultiplyMii was able to significantly reduce SEO expenditures. The fresh infusion of talent massively boosted Seller Snaps own SEO capabilities and resulted in a strategy that was more in-line with the client’s larger mission. Other key areas of improvement include more engaging content and accessible data monitoring.


After deploying a slew of new SEO strategies, Seller Snap saw a rapid increase in both the quantity and the quality of their traffic