Mosh needed to expand their customer service team and deploy a formal onboarding process, but both time and effort were at a premium

Mosh had an existing customer support team of three people, with two based in the Philippines and one in Australia. The effort exhausted by senior management to source, vet, interview, and hire support representatives was taxing, as like most small businesses, Mosh does not have a Human Resource function. However, the real strain was during the onboarding and training process, in which key personnel would have to dedicate full days of hands-on training, only to be repeated a few months later when they were growing or replacing the team.


Mosh needed a way of formalizing their onboarding and training process without throwing much needed work hours at the problem

Mosh recognized the importance of a formal onboarding process for new hires. While senior management had the ability and experience to come up with effective onboarding strategies, they had neither the time nor the manpower for the daunting task. The solutions they came up with would also require hours and hours of work.


MultiplyMii used a two-fold attack, improving the end-to-end customer service operation and creating a bespoke training program for new hires

MultiplyMii deployed a two-pronged approach to transition senior management from working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business. The first strategy saw MultiplyMii’s Business Consultation arm conducting a detailed review of Mosh’s end-to-end customer service operations and improving the entire workflow.

Concurrently, MultiplyMii’s Staffing Solution identified key team members who could competently execute newly developed Standard Operating Procedures. The MultiplyMii Onboarding team and Management Consultant team also worked together to build a bespoke training program for new recruits.


Mosh Customer Support enjoyed a more efficient process flow and could train new members using bespoke onboarding documentation and strategies

While the typical recruitment company would have simply filled in vacant roles while perpetuating all of the old problems in the system, MultiplyMii went above and beyond with an innovative dual approach that could help win both the battle and the war at the same time. Within a 6 week period, the Mosh customer support team was a well-oiled, self-running machine with a streamlined process flow and increased support quality. The team also had the required documentation and onboarding process to train new hires when needed.


Multiplymii was able to find and correct errors that cost the company thousands of dollars in revenues while cutting training and onboarding times in half

During the project, MultiplyMii Management Consultants identified and corrected human errors that doubled product orders sent to customers. This improvement alone covered the entire cost of the Business Consulting engagement. On the staffing side of things, onboarding time was cut by half, which freed up valuable time for senior personnel. Mosh is now primed and ready to handle new growth, and their customer support team now has the ability scale with the company at will.