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Titans of Staffing: Meet the Team

  • mm-bw-img-yoni mm-tl-img-yoni

    Yoni K.

    CEO & Founder

  • mm-bw-img-eli mm-tl-img-eli

    Eli L.

    Co-Founder & Director of Consulting

  • mm-bw-img-joan mm-tl-img-joan

    Joan R.

    Chief Operations Officer

  • mm-bw-img-jason mm-tl-img-jason

    Jason T.

    HR Manager

  • mm-bw-img-fhrea mm-tl-img-fhrea

    Fhrea Y.

    Senior Project Manager

  • mm-bw-img-ping mm-tl-img-ping

    Ping E.

    Senior Business Analyst

  • mm-bw-img-jabbar mm-tl-img-jabbar

    Jabbar G.

    Data Analyst

  • mm-bw-img-juvy mm-tl-img-juvy

    Juvy C.

    Senior Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-farena mm-tl-img-farena

    Farena S.

    Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-frances mm-tl-img-frances

    Frances S.

    Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-justine mm-tl-img-justine

    Justine C.

    Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-issa mm-tl-img-issa

    Issa C.

    Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-bea mm-tl-img-bea

    Bea A.

    Associate Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-kristine mm-tl-img-kristine

    Kristine A.

    Associate Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-krystal mm-tl-img-krystal

    Krystal B.

    Associate Management Consultant

  • mm-bw-img-candy mm-tl-img-candy

    Candy T.

    Account Manager

  • mm-bw-img-faye mm-tl-img-faye

    Faye P.

    Account Manager

  • mm-bw-img-guia mm-tl-img-guia

    Guia H.

    Project Manager

  • mm-bw-img-rea mm-tl-img-rea

    Rea A.

    Content Manager

  • mm-bw-img-mike mm-tl-img-mike

    Mike S.

    Recruitment Manager

  • mm-bw-img-tedz mm-tl-img-tedz

    Tedz L.

    Recruitment Specialist

  • mm-bw-img-shana mm-tl-img-shana

    Shana N.

    Recruitment Specialist

  • mm-bw-img-tin mm-tl-img-tin

    Tin L.

    Senior Recruitment Specialist

  • mm-bw-img-guy mm-tl-img-guy

    Guy M.

    Full Stack Developer

  • mm-bw-img-cath mm-tl-img-cath

    Cath I.

    Content Writer

  • mm-bw-img-william mm-tl-img-william

    William S.

    Graphic Designer

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