• Price

    For the average employer, paying one employee one year of wages can cost as much as 2.7 times the total amount of that employee’s salary. For every $1000 in wages paid, the total cost to the employer can reach up to $2,700 or even more due to miscellaneous costs.

    At MultiplyMii, we aim to reduce these miscellaneous costs as much as possible. This is done by using an innovative and streamlined approach when it comes to hiring and staffing. Our efficient yet robust staffing strategies can result in savings of up to 70% and in some cases, even more depending on the industry in question and the number of employees placed.

  • Peace of Mind

    We offer our customers peace of mind, a valuable asset in today’s high pressure business environment. If you are stressing out or losing sleep over staffing related issues, our bespoke hiring and staffing service will significantly reduce the resources, time and effort it takes to fill vacant positions with qualified and talented individuals. On top of that MultiplyMii helps ensure that those positions stay filled, reducing downtime and any lapses in productivity.

  • Trust

    Through our 100% vetted recruitment process, we ensure that any open positions are filled with capable and trustworthy individuals. Through background checks, personality tests and thorough hiring strategies, MultiplyMii has your back.